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Your Job - 7 signs you’re just not that into it.

Sometimes, you just aren’t in the right job. You might be good at it, and you might be able to tolerate it day to day, other people in the company probably think you’re awesome – but it’s time to go. Here’s how you know:

You’re pretty sure the role you’re doing isn’t the one you signed up for

If you’re finding yourself picking up more and more duties that weren’t part of the original plan and that don’t fit with the direction you thought your career was headed – it might be time for a rethink. We don’t mean the second someone asks you to change the printer cartridge you should throw the towel in, however, if you were sold a client-facing business development role and find yourself drowning in spreadsheets, data entry and silence it’s time to look around.


Your learning curve has plateaued

If you don’t feel like you are being challenged; and you are completing the same mundane tasks day in and day out - this is a clear sign you should move on. It doesn’t matter which career path you’ve taken, if you’re not being challenged and working to your full ability you’re going to get bored and you’re not going to achieve the great heights you deserve.


So has your career progression

You aren’t just bored, there is literally nowhere for you to go from here. Have you been given a clear vision of where your manager wants you to be in a year’s time? Is there a position in the company you see ‘the future you’ in or are you just plodding along and seeing what happens?


You’re concerned about the quality of your work

And it’s not your fault. Is the company you are working for providing you with the correct infrastructure for you to be able to do your job properly? If you’re worried about your ability to deliver based on the resources at your disposal or the environment at your current work place – it’s not the place for you.


Your company is struggling to keep up

There are loads of companies out there doing really cool, cutting edge things. Your company is not one of them – in fact, it’s not even close and they have next to no presence in their marketplace. The office is looking a bit worse for wear and your company refuses to invest in new tools that your competitors are using to get ahead - it’s time for an upgrade.


Other people have already jumped

Are the people you admire the most in your company jumping ship? If yes, it’s worth considering what they know that you don’t. Top performers in companies tend to have a lot of visibility to what’s going on both in the market and in their own workplace and if they are considering moving, it’s worth considering why, and whether you should do the same.



You just don’t want to do it and you never did.

If you only took the job because you needed one at the time and you’ve wrung it dry for that ‘commercial experience’ you were after, the time is now. Do something you want to do, achieve the things you want to achieve, and get set to do it today. 


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