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Why we love Recruitment!

We get to chat to people all day everyday.

Communication and relationship building is a huge part of recruitment. You speak to candidates and clients on a daily basis. Everyone you speak to has a unique problem they need your help to solve – whether it’s filling an empty seat on a hiring managers desk or finding the perfect company for your candidate so they can wake up each morning excited about going to work – everyone is looking for something slightly different. It’s fascinating! Your job is to build relationships and understand exactly what the client or candidate wants and help them fix whatever pain points they have. Realistically, it’s not always good news you’re relaying but as an advisor and mentor you can use the negatives to lead your candidate or client towards a positive outcome the next time round.

It’s unpredictable.

It doesn’t matter how punctilious your actions are or how meticulously you’ve planned for every eventuality you think could ever possibly happen – you are still sure to be confronted with a surprise every once in a while! Both good and bad surprises! The unpredictable nature of the job means it doesn’t get boring – yes you are essentially doing the same thing each day but you are dealing with people with changing needs on both sides of your process, and people do the strangest things! You’ll leave the office with some killer stories to tell your mates.

We feel appreciated, and it’s nice!

From a happy candidate to a happy client and an even happier manager – placing candidates rocks! Recruitment is a fantastically rewarding career, it’s not just the monetary rewards, the lunch clubs and the holiday incentives. *wishy washy statement klaxon* Getting people jobs and filling seats for your clients is hugely rewarding when you know you’ve helped a company reach another rung on their growth ladder, and put a candidate into a job they can flourish in and grow their career.

There’s always more…

A lack of satisfaction may not sound like a positive thing, but you get a huge buzz from constantly wanting to improve on your performance and exceed your targets. You are constantly challenging yourself to go above and beyond and with that comes a real sense of pride and accomplishment which you can carry in to your personal life.

So, that’s why we love recruitment? Reckon you could love it too? Give us a ring (02079933353) or pop us an email (careers@sw6associates.com) to find out more about our entry level opportunities in Recruitment across the UK.

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