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Changing companies in Recruitment - Is it worth it?

Sometimes a person's needs change and it’s time to consider next steps in their career, do they stay or do they go? This was a decision our lovely Tania made a couple of years ago and we’re pleased to say she made the right decision..!!


Getting into recruitment was an easy decision for me; it was something I’d had my eye on prior to graduating.  Finishing my final year of university, I took advantage of the 3 months off before I began my long awaited search to start my career in recruitment consultancy. 
Originally from Leeds, London was where I knew I wanted to be. In 2012, a lot of my friends were relocating, it was a buzzing and vibrant city and there was huge potential for me to get into recruitment. The financial burden of moving to London is something I would warn any candidate to have researched before moving. It isn’t something you can do without savings for the first month. Fortunately enough for me I had been a workaholic from the age of 15 and knew I wouldn’t be going back to Leeds with my tail between my legs!
Within a week of starting my search into Recruitment, I had secured a job. I couldn’t quite believe it. That is not to say there were not many highs and even more lows during this process – rejection, determination, and grit saw me get to the finish line. Two weeks later I had relocated and I was sat at my desk learning my knowledge of the IT recruitment industry. 

After 6 months in my first company however, I started to assess my future. At the time of joining the company had been exactly what I was looking for, but following an internal restructure of the business I was left questioning the progression and earning potential for myself within the company, and whether the IT market was the right market for me. Back to the drawing board. 

Turning my back on recruitment was not an option. The hard work, the intense training and long hours were not going to waste. More importantly I had long term goals which I had set my sights on at the beginning of this process. I knew no other industry could match what recruitment could offer, I just needed to discover the right culture and company for me. 

I reached back out to SW6 Associates, they had been so supportive when I had been interviewing initially, I knew they were the right people to go back to on my next venture! What I didn’t realise at the time was that I would be lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to join them.  Having witnessed how supportive they were as a graduate looking to get into recruitment, I knew that SW6 was the sort of team I wanted to be part of. 
Two  years on I’ve experienced multiple promotions, excellent commission (though it seems to be spent before its been received each month!!),  an all expenses paid trip to Ibiza, some brilliant lunch clubs and nights out. More importantly though I work with an amazing group of people here; we all have a great laugh which is reflected in the office culture. 

This isn’t to say it was a ‘walk in the park’, I wish it had been. It has taken me more knock backs than I can imagine and seriously, who knew people could be so unreliable?!  You have those days when you wonder ‘ Is it ever going to happen?’, then before you know it you’ve hit your target, and made it on to lunch club!  

Recruitment has allowed me to live a lifestyle I had always dreamt of, more importantly it has enabled me to continue to add to my wardrobe - which has become a slight addiction.
To anyone looking to get into recruitment or even considering a change in companies – there is the right company out there! More importantly, don’t become disheartened, perseverance is the key and it will happen. 
SW6 opened the door to my career in recruitment, and 3 years on I am able to be sat here working for such a brilliant organisation. At 25 years old, I can say I am well and truly ahead of where I had ever anticipated.  

Recruitment is a bit like a puzzle (apart from the bit where you are sat by the fire, relaxing with a large glass of wine, calmly finding the edge pieces to get yourself started...). We believe there is a perfect ‘place’ for every candidate, where they can slot in with ease. We often comes across candidates who have squashed themselves into a part of the puzzle which isn’t quite right, we’ve found that even a short confidential conversation with SW6 Associates can help recruiters look at their career from a different perspective and help to assess whether their  puzzle is complete or whether they need to move things around a bit! With access to many of the leaders and founders of the top recruitment businesses we are able to create options for anyone who find themselves questioning their next steps in the Recruitment Industry.

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