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5 Reasons Recruitment is like University

University - the best 3 years of your life. Monday beers, sports tours, Tuesday beers, making great mates, Wednesday beers, living in halls, Thursday to Sunday beers, fancy dress, "Jungbombs"...what is not to enjoy! 

But eventually the day comes, that sad day when you pack up your uni room, undoubtedly lose a size-able wedge of your deposit (it was worth it though) and enter the real world.

For some people, this is okay. For the rest of us, the University lovers, we go kicking and screaming - university was amazing and we're just not ready to leave!! So now what? Leave behind those memories and sell our soul to the corporate devil? 

Absolutely not - if you are not ready to leave uni life behind, but ready to make money and enjoy life in the City, read below for the 5 REASONS RECRUITMENT IS LIKE YOUR UNIVERSITY DAYS (but better!):

1. You still get weekly socials - whether you were a fan of the BUCS Wednesday or a Super Sunday, we all love a night out. In recruitment, I welcome you to Thirsty Thursdays! A great night to let your hair down with the guys from the office and sing Sweet Caroline til the early hours (optional)


2. You (basically) live with your mates - yes the hours are long in recruitment (8:30-6pm Mon-Thurs on average) but the people you work with are people just like you - competitive, fun-loving graduates looking to earn great money and enjoy everything the city has to offer


3. You still get money dropping into your account - not once a term, once a month. Starting salary between £20-25k, and with uncapped commission, average earnings in Year 1 is £38,000 (you can earn your student loan for a year in 1 MONTH - easy) 

4. You will start as a 'fresher' - no-one enters recruitment an expert! You will join up with loads of other graduates and enroll in a 12 week training programme to teach you everything you need to know

5. Perks of the role - yes student life has lie in's, days off, and cheap drinks. Recruitment has 5* company holidays, lunch clubs, office beers, team sports days, bonuses and rapid career progression. Sound interesting?

University, for many of us, was brilliant. If you are looking for a high paying, highly rewarding career, that's also fun, dynamic and exciting - reach out today for an introductory chat about what a career in recruitment consultancy could offer you! 

Please forward your CV to katie@sw6associates.com and i'll be in touch!


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